UsuryFree Time-Based Currency

January 29th, 2013

The ‘usuryfree creatives’ of this 21st Century are teaching we-the-people to empower ourselves by the simple action of creating our own ‘usuryfree’ time currency which are really IUO’s (for time) created by the issuer to complete an immediate trade whereby the holder of the IUO accepts to defer his trade to the future. These usuryfree, time-based IOU’s are backed by the honesty, integrity, skills, talents and/or products created and/or distributed by the issuer of the IOU.

Without a doubt, ‘usuryfree,’ time-based economics will lead the way in transforming our global society from one of war, poverty, scarcity and lack to one of abundance, prosperity, peace and plenty before 2020. No one will be left behind in this new ‘usuryfree’ society with its new economic rules for ‘usuryfree’ living. Everyone will be able to pursue his/her passion as a free enterpriser in a world of unified co-operation where we will become honourable stewards of property rather than greedy and selfish owners protecting our scarcity from others.

Indeed, the ‘usuryfree creatives’ are leading the way during the Year of UsuryFree Living, as they implement the UsuryFree Resolution to create a ‘usuryfree,’ time-based currency for the whole planet. This UsuryFree Resolution will resolve the centuries of damage on modern society inflicted by the enforcement of a flawed economic system whereby the function of usury was the killer part of the financial machinery, though most of the drivers (employees within the various sectors of the financial syndicate) and most of the passengers (the majority of we-the-people) were completely unaware of its potential and how easily this killer machine could have been fixed.
Historically, much thanks goes to John C. ‘The Engineer’ Turmel whose tireless crusade along with his genius Bank Math has played a significant role in (a) exposing ‘usury’ as the design flaw in the orthodox economic system of usury-based, debt money and (b) promoting ‘usuryfree time currency’ as the community currency of choice for local, national and international trading.

More recently, Wayne Walton from Breckenridge, Colorado has assumed a leadership role in promoting “usury free time currency” as the optimal, alternative currency as we progress into this 21st Century. In the spring of 2012, Wayne pioneered the launch of Mountain Hours.
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