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September 23rd, 2015




Henry Fords’s 1941 Hemp Bodied, Hemp Fueled, Car

September 9th, 2015

Hempcar by Henry Ford

We might think that our ethanol and biodiesel “flex-fuel” systems are all very cutting edge, but biofuel development is of course nothing new. Way back in the 1930’s, Henry Ford was hard at work in the alt-fuels sector, and in 1941 he constructed a hemp-fueled and hemp-bodied prototype car. The “plastic” body panels were composed of 70% cellulose fibers, including industrial hemp, mixed with a resin binder, and apparently they were pretty sturdy.

The reason marijuana was prohibited in the 20th century was to suppress hemp fuel and fiber production, which is inexpensive to make and naturally decentralized, so that small groups of people could profit from the capital intensive petrochemical alternatives that dominate our political process and economy today.

Hemp will decentralize our economic system and return wealth and control to the majority.

Hemp & marijuana both come from the same plant, cannabis sativa, which is the Latin, botanical name.

Hemp is the fiber from the stalks and stems and the sterile seeds, while marijuana is the leaves, flowers and viable seeds. Some people believe that hemp with a low THC content is one species, and that it becomes a different plant, marijuana, when the THC level in the cannabis plant goes above 0.3 percent, but it is really the same plant. It is really about fuel, fiber and the synthetic subversion of the natural cycle. Drugs are only a smokescreen. Marijuana prohibition has always been about money, power, and control.

Credit: http://in5d.com/henry-fords-suppressed-hemp-car/

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Harald Kautz Vella on Scalar Physics, Black Goo, Morgellons

August 11th, 2015

Bases 46 – Interview with Harald Kautz Vella – Part 1
In this first of 3 parts, German researcher Harald Kautz Vella discusses smart dust, and the Black Goo. Use of Scalar Physics is discussed, so you will have to pay attention. This is about an extraterrestrial, dimensional Predator species that is silently assimilating humanity, and all life on earth.

Bases 46 – Interview with Harald Kautz Vella – Part 2
Harald Kautz-Vella continues this detailed interview on the alien Black Goo, concentrating on Morgellons, and the existence of “M State” matter. The creatures comprised of the alien black goo related seem to exist in a partial state of matter, not quite in this dimension. Thus implants in people which are in a translucent fluidic matter.
Smart dust is mentioned.

Bases 46 – Interview with Harald Kautz Vella – Part 3
Computer system have a collective intelligence, working under a collective “AI” or artificial intelliegenec. Some financial centres, have a quantum computer , derived from the alien black goo. The square wave signal in computers have a direct connection with this alien black goo, due to their scalar signature. The use of synthetic RNA as a bio-weapon, in Iraq War 2. All point to the creation of a synthetic bio race, with no empathy or ‘feelings’
Smart Dust and Bio Robots. Bio-Photons is the food for these octo-form creatures. But the earth, or mother nature is neutralizing this alien black goo so it has a balanced positive nature. Too bad to be true, too good to be true?

Additional information at:
The Bases Project

Source Field Investigations

June 29th, 2015

Divine Cosmos video presentation of David Wilcock’s book, The Source Field Investigations.

Activate the Pineal Gland

June 16th, 2015

Pineal Gland, learn how to activate it, awakening your third eye and extra sensory super powers you never knew existed.

Bamboo Houses – Stunning Designs

June 3rd, 2015

The stunning bamboo homes built by Elora Hardy and her team in Bali twist, curve and surprise at every turn. They defy convention because the bamboo itself is so enigmatic. No two poles of bamboo are alike, so every home, bridge and bathroom is exquisitely unique. In this beautiful, immersive talk, she shares the potential of bamboo, as both a sustainable resource and a spark for the imagination. “We have had to invent our own rules,” she says.

Spiral Gardens

May 27th, 2015


Spiral Herb Garden

Whether you’re a city mouse or a country mouse — with a high-rise patio or 1000 acres — building an herb spiral near your kitchen allows you to partake in the sustainable permaculture revolution and have fresh organic culinary herbs at your fingertips. An herb spiral is a compact vertical garden built on specific principles allowing for individualized management of wind and water flow to create the ideal garden in a limited amount of space.

The spiral is a natural form that provides an efficient method for managing space, storing and sorting. Using the natural universal design of a spiral, the forces of gravity and water flow are utilized to their fullest allowing for proper drainage downhill. Herbs that thrive on drier soils live at the top, whereas those needing more moisture reside at the bottom where water collects. This form allows for planting of a widely diverse number of plants, and creates natural, sunny and shady areas — a perfect miniature microclimate landscape environment. The herb spiral as a permaculture form that allows you to create your own ecosystem and become self sufficient. The format can be adapted to large gardens if space is available.

Stone or block building materials allow for retention of heat and insulate plants in colder weather or at night, while acting as the backbone for the structure. Collect water at the bottom and have a small fish or frog pond or even a bog and grow edible water plants. An herb spiral can be built even on a concrete foundation and filled with the richest biodynamic, organic earth to support any plants included.

The spiral should always be built to move in the direction of water drainage in whatever hemisphere it’s located in — for example, in the Northern hemisphere, water runs off in a clockwise direction and the opposite is true for the Southern hemisphere. This allows for optimal positioning of the pond at the bottom and reduces evaporation. The spiral can be built as a round or oval shape to take advantage of the movement of summer sunlight.

15 reasons to build an herb spiral for your permaculture garden

1. Maximize growing space to grow more food.
2. Multiple microclimates available for optimal plant growth.
3. Healthier plants where growing needs are met and companion planting is easy to reduce insect problems and foster beneficial plant relationships for better growth.
4. Aesthetic garden focal point.
5. Maximizes space even in very small areas on top of concrete or in high-rise buildings.
6. Harvesting access is easy and all plants are effortlessly accessible.
7. No bending, everything is at waist height — hooray!
8. Save money by growing your own food.
9. Eat organic, using heirloom seeds and avoid pesticides and genetically engineered seeds.
10. Reduces maintenance, little weeding and easy to turn and mulch.
11. Manage water amounts and use natural forces to perpetuate the growing season.
12. Reduce building costs when you use local available materials.
13. Use drip irrigation or a small sprinkler for easy watering and irrigation.
14. Create a bio-diverse habitat for creatures who come to visit.
15. Build an herb spiral to grow medicinal herbs to avoid Big Pharm drugs.



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Lament for the Soul

April 26th, 2015

I would like to run up to you and shout “I Love You”… but I can’t because it would be unethical.

I would like to kneel in morning grass and praise a god that does not require doxologies and hymns with words I do not understand…. but I can’t because it would be sacrilegious.

I would like to run in bare feet through endless sands and grassy hills and throw my face up to the sun…. but I can’t because it would be insane.

I would like to live my own way and not bother about the rules society makes up to protect themselves from themselves…. but I can’t because it would be illegal.

I would like to roam through meadows of grass and pick daisies hand and hand naked with you… but I can’t because it would be immoral.

And so I stay in my own little shell, quite ethical, quite religious, quite sane, quite legal, and cramping my soul because of a decree of societies that to be myself would be wrong.


Janice Handel (age 14 when this was written), Ontario, Canada



I’ve been cleaning out old files” (in every sense of the word) and came across this piece that  “spoke” to me many years ago. I’m not sure how it originally came to be in my possession, but did so while I was living in Paris… a very “soul freeing” time for me.

Today I  felt the desire to share it to those who are ready to “let go” of those limiting beliefs and “bust loose”. It’s time to shatter the shell and let your soul free.





Hymn of the Cathars – Le Bouvier (432 Hz)

January 22nd, 2015

Le Bouvier is the french name for the Bootes constellation, where the star Arcturus is. This song contains light codes for the listener.

“At the end of seven hundred years, the laurel will be green once more.”
Anonymous Cathar Troubadour, 13th Century



Straw Bale Gardening

January 17th, 2015

Conditioning the Bales:


Steps for Creating a Straw Bale Garden:


Planting a Straw Bale: