Lament for the Soul

April 26th, 2015

I would like to run up to you and shout “I Love You”… but I can’t because it would be unethical.

I would like to kneel in morning grass and praise a god that does not require doxologies and hymns with words I do not understand…. but I can’t because it would be sacrilegious.

I would like to run in bare feet through endless sands and grassy hills and throw my face up to the sun…. but I can’t because it would be insane.

I would like to live my own way and not bother about the rules society makes up to protect themselves from themselves…. but I can’t because it would be illegal.

I would like to roam through meadows of grass and pick daisies hand and hand naked with you… but I can’t because it would be immoral.

And so I stay in my own little shell, quite ethical, quite religious, quite sane, quite legal, and cramping my soul because of a decree of societies that to be myself would be wrong.


Janice Handel (age 14 when this was written), Ontario, Canada



I’ve been cleaning out old files” (in every sense of the word) and came across this piece that  “spoke” to me many years ago. I’m not sure how it originally came to be in my possession, but did so while I was living in Paris… a very “soul freeing” time for me.

Today I  felt the desire to share it to those who are ready to “let go” of those limiting beliefs and “bust loose”. It’s time to shatter the shell and let your soul free.





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