Body Code System Seminar

January 25th, 2013

Breakthrough unresolved issues with the Body Codes. This process is extremely effective at helping you eliminate subconscious “programs” that may be sabotaging your best efforts. If you have tried affirmations and visualizations and STILL have not reached your goals, perhaps there is a subconscious “default” program that is over riding your best efforts.

Some of these “programs” can be carried forward   from past generations. You may be dealing with unresolved issues you have inherited. Time to release these unresolved  patterns and move on to better things.

An overview of Dr. Bradley Nelson’s Body Code System, the most complete home study course on holistic healing ever devised. Global webinar held 12-18-2009 shortly after the Body Code System was released to the public, this video includes demonstration of the Body Code System being successfully used remotely on callers with various health issues. All credit for the Body Code System goes to God, the Father of us all. Welcome to the 21st Century and the impending transformation of the planet.
Dr. Bradley Nelson







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